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Here’s what designers have to say about the DYB Workshop

Explore the real experiences of business owners at the DYB workshop. Learn how they walk away empowered and equipped to take their businesses to the next level.

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"Stacey's course was very in depth, organized and insightful. I have been designing on my own for about 9 years now and am finally at a point where I am ready to grow my business into a team. After taking Stacey's course I feel more prepared to expand now that I have started to implement the practices given. Not only do I feel more confident in building and expanding my business but I also feel more confident in charging my worth and standing behind the detailed design packages that I provide. I would highly recommend this course to anyone in the design industry whether you are starting out or have been in business for years like myself."

Melissa Hepperle,

Elle Cherie Design Inc.


Adele Rakower,

Adele Rakower Interiors Group

"Stacy Cohen's Design Your Business Workshop is a game-changer for anyone looking to carve out a successful career in the design industry. In just a few hours, Stacy managed to distill a wealth of knowledge and expertise into practical insights that are both actionable and enlightening. Drawing from her own experience as a successful designer and business owner, she shared candid anecdotes and hard-earned lessons that resonated with us as entrepreneurs. Whether it's navigating client relationships or negotiating contracts, Stacy's guidance is both practical and invaluable. Unlike generic business seminars, Stacy took the time to understand each participant's unique goals and challenges, offering tailored solutions that address their specific needs. Moreover, Stacy's workshop is refreshingly transparent about the realities of running an interior design business. She didn't sugarcoat the challenges that we face as business owners. Instead, she provided us with a realistic roadmap to building and maintaining a sustainable and thriving business. In the past few weeks I've already succeeded in implementing several of Stacy's systems, and the results are apparent. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an established designer looking to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend the DYB workshop!"

KS - Headshot.png

Kate Soltendieck,

Aligned Interiors

 "I recently had the privilege of attending one of Stacey’s DYB Workshops. It was profoundly valuable, from start to finish. Upon entering, it was evident that the entire experience was thoughtfully curated. The workshop was the meticulously planned, from the location and intimate group size, to the course outline.
The intimate group was highly valuable for me, as I learn best in small groups. It allowed for personalized attention, guidance and questions. Hearing the experiences and feedback of other participants, who shared their own specific challenges provided meaningful (and relatable) insight.
There are truly so many valuable lessons and take-aways from this workshop. The workshop highlighted the significance of establishing streamlined processes within the team to enhance efficiency and productivity. I am excited and motivated to implement the strategies learned. Particularly, on the topic of streamlined internal processes. 
We not only gained valuable insight from Stacey, but also received (so) many resources and templates (proposals, schedules, budgets, internal systems, etc.) to facilitate implementing them into our own businesses. I am currently implementing the lessons and templates into my business. By integrating these resources into my everyday workflow, I know with certainty that I will enhance efficiency, consistency, and ultimately, our clients satisfaction.
I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough. All of the topics that I hoped would be addressed were meticulously explored. It's an investment in yourself, your career, and your life. The workshop provided more insight and valuable lessons than I had hoped for, in addition to an enormous sense of relief and increased confidence. "


Alessia Lamonaca,

New Mode Home

"Attending the DYB workshop was both a game-changer and a reassuring affirmation for me as a design business owner. Stacey's comprehensive approach covered every aspect of running a successful firm, from end to end. The templates that were shared will help save me countless hours and are just what I need to keep the business operating efficiently. What truly set this workshop apart was Stacey's experience and transparency, providing actionable takeaways that I could immediately implement. Sharing the experience with fellow designers fostered a sense of camaraderie and support. Having open and transparent conversations with other fellow designers and someone as successful as Stacey was a rare opportunity to validate my existing practices and beliefs, and recognize where there may be opportunities to make improvements in my business. Hearing from other business owners who shared similar experiences helped put things into perspective for me. The DYB workshop provided the reassurance I needed to continue growing my business with confidence. 

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Jennair for generously sponsoring my seat at the DYB workshop. Their support not only gave me the opportunity to attend this transformative event but also reflects their commitment to uplifting and empowering the design community. I am deeply appreciative of their ongoing dedication to fostering growth and innovation within our industry."


"Attending Stacey’s DYB workshop was an amazing opportunity to kick start my business and career as an interior designer. She gave us the tools needed to not only run a successful business, but how to be confident in yourself.  Stacey provided us with her years of knowledge and understanding of the industry and how to become both a successful leader and designer. She created a safe and open space where everyone felt comfortable asking questions and gave us an open forum to talk about our careers and businesses amongst each other. As someone who is new to this industry, I was truly given the most valuable information and tool set. I feel more self-assured and motivated than ever to jump into the world of interior design." 

Rachel Silverman

download (3).png
"I simply loved the DYB workshop. I started my business in 2017 and felt that it was time to take things to the next level, but needed guidance and support on how to do so. The workshop was extremely thorough, Stacey covered every topic imaginable and dove into the ins and outs of the industry, leaving me with actionable takeaways that I can directly implement into my business moving forward. I especially found the different project types to focus on, as well as the templates shared to manage your year/cash-flow, and insight on expanding and onboarding your team extremely helpful. I feel that I saved years of trial and error by taking this workshop, and I am now feeling more confident than ever moving forward in growing my design business. "

Priya J. Mitrovic,

Studio P Interiors Inc.

"DYB is a comprehensive and brilliantly organized course for anyone running their own design firm. Stacey offers a full scope of business tools to incorporate into running your business efficiently. She breaks down processes and expectations to help designers build their team, choose their clients and most importantly remain profitable. It was the best business decision I made!"

Sara Roth,

Dynamic Design Associates


Polina Shchukina,

First Sense Design

``Stacey's Design Your Business workshop was a truly enlightening and inspiring experience. As someone who recently started my design firm, I found specific information on processes and systems that help run an effective business invaluable. Inside information from a successful and well-established designer like Stacey is something you do not learn at design school. She shared key takeaways from her 15-year experience in the industry on how to identify, onboard, and complete the right types of projects for the overall growth and success of the business, be more productive with time, and build a highly effective design team. I particularly appreciated the frank and transparent discussion on fee structures, managing cash flows, and increasing profitability while managing the clients' emotions
with empathy and support. I walked away inspired, confident that I can put the tools Stacey provided to immediate use in my work and grateful for the community of fellow designers to stay in touch with."
``Stacey's workshop was invaluable. As an established firm, we were not looking for a crash course but rather concrete examples of how to work through specific challenges, navigate industry shifts and create more systematic ways to streamline our communication both internally and with clients. Stacey's experience and the wealth of knowledge that she shares through DYB not only hit all of these areas but also offers perspective that is essential in healthy maintenance and growth. I cannot say enough about this experience and highly recommend the course for ID business owners in all phases of their careers."

Malorie Goldberg,

Principal & Partner of Noa Blake Design

``The Design Your Business workshop was an invaluable experience. The tools that Stacey shared with us were exactly what we needed to get us organized, make us more profitable, and take our business to the next level. On top of all the amazing templates and tools shared and sent home, Stacey took the time to speak to all of our struggles
directly, helping us brainstorm to make our businesses more successful. The experience as a whole was so reassuring and validating and we can't wait to start the new year implementing all of the new tips we learned."

Ariel Fischer,

Noa Blake Design

``I absolutely loved the DYB workshop. The information Stacey had shared is incredibly valuable. As an interior designer who has been in the industry for 10 years, in both Canada and the U.S., I have learned processes from Stacey that I had not had access to throughout my career and education. I especially found the strategies for business development very helpful for prospecting clients. I know I will be using the DYB systems in my daily practice. I also have to mention that the venue for our workshop was wonderful!"

Erin Loffer,

LOFO Studio

GHoward_3844_A copy.jpg
"What initially intrigued me about Stacey Cohen’s Design Your Business was the opportunity to learn more about operational systems—things I never took the time to build before my business was up and running. But what impressed me most was how comprehensive the tools, templates, and assets were. No detail was overlooked and all questions were addressed in an inclusive, collaborative, and encouraging environment. No matter what stage your design business is at, DYB will give you the confidence and actions required to scale."

Giselle Howard,

Giselle Howard Interiors

"DYB proves to be an extensive and meticulously structured program tailored for individuals managing their design firms. As the owner of a rapidly growing design studio, I was looking for tangible examples to address specific obstacles like organizing my time more effectively, managing revenue, establishing more efficient communication methods internally amongst my team and properly drafting documents and contracts. As I prefer to deal with the more creative side of my business, I truly haven’t had any time to focus on so many of the important things that make a business self-sufficient. Participating in this workshop has significantly boosted my confidence as I advance in the expansion of my design firm."

Uarda Kellezi,

Studio Kellezi

Alessia Headshot.jpg
``As a creative, running a business was overwhelming, intimidating, and out of scope for me. We were never taught the business side of things in design school, and after feeling lost and with no one to turn to, I found Stacey and DYB. She holds nothing back and literally gives you documents she uses for her business, including email templates, cash flow sheets, and contracts (to name a few)! She teaches you her internal systems and how to grow and run a team seamlessly so that they can function independently. You will get 10x your money's worth and it is definitely worth the investment! Thank you, Stacey!``

Alessia Grossi,

The Design Identité

``Taking the DYB course and meeting Stacey was an incredible and invaluable experience. The topics covered gave me the tools I was missing to run my business more efficiently and to help increase profitability. The years of knowledge and expertise that Stacey provides was truly inspiring. I left the course with an entire network of supportive and like minded designers to keep in touch with.``

Ashley Kleiman,

Ashley Kleiman Interiors


``Design Your Business, by Stacey Cohen, provided a unique insight in how I could level up my business internally. She had so many brilliant suggestions in how I could be more efficient with my time, be highly productive as a leader, and grow a team thoughtfully and effectively all while also ensuring the overall growth and success of my business as a whole. The interior design industry has a reputation of secrecy and a lack of transparency among designers and how they do business, and having this opportunity to learn insider information from a long-standing and well-established designer, is quite invaluable. Thank you, Stacey!``

Nancy Kuemper,

Mabel Design Co

“As a seasoned Interior Designer but a young business owner, Stacey's DYB Workshop was eye-opening and motivational in so many ways. Stacey is extremely generous in sharing macro to micro detail about running a design business; she covers all areas from how to generate the right leads, onboarding processes, fee structures, and building a team, right down to the nitty-gritty of how to be mindful of your numbers every day. What I appreciated the most was her honest and down-to-earth approach to remaining open and flexible with potential clients - nurturing the client relationship no matter the project scale or type will make more of a difference for your business in the long term. Stacey really has a passion not only for design but for guiding the design community and entrepreneurs like myself to help them be set up for success at any stage of their business``

Adriana Pietropaolo,

Adriana Pietropaolo Design 

“As someone with an architectural background, I found it most interesting to learn about new revenue opportunities that I hadn’t considered. The workshop was professional, educational and highly recommended``

Noam Hazan,

Noam Hazan Design Studio

``Having recently completed the Design Your Business course offered by Stacey Cohen, I can genuinely say it has been a transformative experience. Their innovative methodologies not only inspired me to seamlessly integrate their processes into our operations but also ignited a fresh wave of motivation within. The added bonus of connecting with fellow designers and fostering a sense of community was invaluable. Highly recommended for anyone looking to elevate their design approach and network with like-minded professionals.``

Marisa Genuis,

Marisa Carmen Design Inc.

``I had a wonderful time being part of the Design Your Business workshop hosted by Stacey Cohen. This two-day event was an eye-opening experience for me as a 4th-year interior design student. I got to sit and talk to independent interior designers/architects who wanted to elevate and better organize their businesses. It was refreshing to see how transparent the question and answer session was because as this industry grows, there’s a lot of secrecy and competition in all aspects. I wanted to say thank you to Aquavato for sponsoring my spot at this event. I feel empowered and motivated to start my business one day now that I have the tools to do so and I hope to attend more events like these``

Hannah Kyla De Vera, Interior Design Student 


Amy Harris,

Interiors By AG

``I recently attended a design seminar, and I must say that it was a transformative experience. The key takeaway for me was the incredible depth of knowledge I gained about the design process and the crucial aspect of managing it effectively. While the world of design may seem fun and creative from the outside, this seminar emphasized that the stakes are incredibly high, and the intricacies of the process and systems are paramount. One of the most significant lessons I took away was the art of guiding and leading a design team. Understanding how to motivate and align team members toward a common goal was a skill I had underestimated before this seminar. The insights into effective team management were invaluable, and I now feel better equipped to collaborate with my peers. Additionally, I learned how to navigate the delicate task of managing client emotions throughout a project. It's not just about delivering a beautiful design; it's also about understanding and addressing the client's concerns, expectations, and anxieties. The seminar provided practical techniques and strategies to handle this aspect of the job with finesse. In sum, this seminar was a game-changer for me as a designer and would highly recommend it``
Diana Smiciklas,
CLA Smiciklas Studio Inc.
“Stacey, thank you so much for Thursday and Friday🤍🤍! I am ever so grateful for that experience and I actually have tangible tools now to use in my business. You’re truly inspirational and such a lovely person inside and out. I can’t be more grateful for you and for this week”
``Thank you so much for everything!! I had the best two days and they were exactly what I needed at this point in my business. A lot of the things I was feeling were happening in my business were validated by you and other designers knowing it happens to everyone. The insight you provided was invaluable, and now I feel way more confident. Can’t wait to start implementing. Thank you thank you!``

Valerie Meghory, VM Interiors

``Design Your Business offers an inside look into an established, luxury design firm and gives the designer full access to all of Stacey’s tried and true methods that she has perfected over 15 years. 

The designer will learn ways to make their business practices more productive by using established templates to streamline the process of working on projects from consultation to completion. The workshop enables designers to network and share strategies with like-minded colleagues. Participating in this course gave me inside access to systems that are effective in helping me scale my business, increase profitability, and improve efficiency!``

Daniela Milchman,

Diem Design

image0 (1).jpeg

"A comprehensive and well-organized workshop, a complete how-to manual to efficiently run an interior design business. Stacey does an incredible job of providing all the necessary tools and information to run a successful business. I applaud her for her willingness to share her knowledge and to help others progress in their interior design careers.”

Corina Nuca Deluca,

Nuca Design

"This workshop gave me amazing insight into how to run a design business. Having just graduated from interior design school, Stacey led me through the ENTIRE process from beginning to end, the do’s and don’ts and emphasized how to support your client through it all. The venue, snacks, and incredible lunches provided opportunities to network with other workshop attendees. There are plenty of great takeaways, and Stacey ensures everyone is always on the same page. It is a perfect opportunity for those looking to take the leap of faith in themselves to start their own business, but also for those looking to expand or improve their business."

Cindy Torreiro,

Interior Designer

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